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Entry #1

I exist.

2011-01-19 20:17:57 by DrJesus

Hello. this is a post to tell you I exist and make flash.

Here is a picture for you to enjoy.

That is all.

I exist.


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2011-01-19 21:14:57


DrJesus responds:

Cheers : D


2011-01-20 03:28:55

odds are against you existing

much more likely you're the produce of someone else's imagination or a universe simulation

but then again that shit's unfalsifiable so fuck it

DrJesus responds:

Likely. But I digress: If I'm the product of someone elses imagination, the contingent suggests so are you, and everyone else in existence, if you are to have us interact in this way so easily. Thus all existence is relative and whether falsifiable or not, the law holds true that given odds high or low, I'm still going to continue existing in this space/time whatever-the-fuck-this-place-is.