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New post. Like anyone's reading it...

2011-05-21 12:48:06 by DrJesus

21st May is Rapture, apparently. I thought the supposed end of the world was a good enough reason to say I've resumed work on Mannerless Automatons 2 (having taken a break since my last installment to level up my binge-drinking and orphan-smacking skills). This one will include subtitles, since someone mentioned it in a review of M.A 1. As well as this, I'm enlisting the help of a snazz-tastic-ular friend of mine to do some voice for it, since I did all the voices for the first one and feel a little schizophrenic everytime I watch it back, realising I had a conversation with myself.

Expected release is sometime in early June, depending on how soon I can lure around my wayward voice actor with the promise of virgins and cookies.

DrJesus, M.D.

P.S: Here's a pretty picture of the voice actor in question. Not even a joke.

New post. Like anyone's reading it...


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