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New series

2011-08-12 07:26:40 by DrJesus

Short version: I'm bored of robots. We're doing something else for a while. Deal with it. Mannerless Automatons will return when I learn how to not suck at jokes and can actually storyboard, so expect episode 3 late in the year if not next year. In the meantime, I'll be working on a new project, which I will only divulge the name: SEXY WHORES IN JARS.

Or not. It's called Knoughts, expect to see it around October/November depending on how busy I get.

-Dr. Jesus, M.D

Imports and bodkins.

2011-07-11 06:46:01 by DrJesus

So Mannerless Automatons 2 was supposed to be released in early June. As it stands, it's still not finished.

The voice acting is all sorted, but unfortunately some sound files are refusing to import for reasons I cannot fathom, and I sort of forgot about doing it altogether. Then seeing it's Robot Day soon, I thought I'd better shift my arse into gear.

Expect loud swearing and gratuitous violence against my PC until the animation is released.

Dr. Jesus, MD

PS: No picture for you this time.

21st May is Rapture, apparently. I thought the supposed end of the world was a good enough reason to say I've resumed work on Mannerless Automatons 2 (having taken a break since my last installment to level up my binge-drinking and orphan-smacking skills). This one will include subtitles, since someone mentioned it in a review of M.A 1. As well as this, I'm enlisting the help of a snazz-tastic-ular friend of mine to do some voice for it, since I did all the voices for the first one and feel a little schizophrenic everytime I watch it back, realising I had a conversation with myself.

Expected release is sometime in early June, depending on how soon I can lure around my wayward voice actor with the promise of virgins and cookies.

DrJesus, M.D.

P.S: Here's a pretty picture of the voice actor in question. Not even a joke.

New post. Like anyone's reading it...


2011-01-20 04:53:41 by DrJesus

I got some feedback on Mannerless Automatons. In short, I guess you may be seeing a new series in the future!

Here's another picture for you to enjoy, I know you like them. (You want these pictures /bad/)

That is all.


I exist.

2011-01-19 20:17:57 by DrJesus

Hello. this is a post to tell you I exist and make flash.

Here is a picture for you to enjoy.

That is all.

I exist.